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Bitch Ass Trick. Often used in a derogatory manner to describe a person of limited positive qualities.
1. DL is a BAT!
2. Anyone on the South Beach diet is a BAT.
by JofKB August 16, 2005
A female with large breasts.

B- ig
A- ss
T- itties
B.ig A.ss T.itties

Daaaaaamn she got some B.A.T.s!
by eazy_e_bo March 30, 2014
"Big Ass Titties" Large, bodacious orbitals of bliss situated on a female's magnificent frame.
Pam Anderson may not be what she used to, but I would still motorboat those B.A.Ts of hers.
by Nigmuhh July 05, 2011
To masterbate.
She walked in me having a good old bat
by KYRA OMG! November 05, 2010
Busted Ass Toe Nails. Disgusting Feet. Commonly seen when a person is barefoot or wearing flip flops with complete disregard for the eye sight of others.
That lady has a gnarly set of B.A.T's. B.A.T.
by A NAME THAT WAS AVAILABLE August 12, 2009
A person who is 'blind' to the world around them unless somebody explains it to them. They can only 'see' if somebody is by their side to explain the ways of the world.
Natalie is a bat, I have to explain everything to her. Poor girl.
by DeamonsAngel July 13, 2009
it means a bitch or an annoying person.
Quit being at bat.
Girl you being a bat right now.
by ATWS June 28, 2014