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7 definitions by Ferg

Created and first used by the Awooga brothers, Fash the bash, Kris Akabusi and Craig Charles, Awooga is a sign of excitement, happiness and an utterance of agreement.
Welcome to Robot wars, Awooga.

New world record Awooga.

The world is round. Awooga
by Ferg July 27, 2004
293 265
A small, insignificant excuse for a football referee who runs up and down the line making Hitler style salutes whenever a player is deemed to be in breach of the mystical offside rule.
The linesman has flagged for offside
That linesman is Goddam useless
by Ferg February 04, 2004
9 3
Mostly overwieght and overexcitable. But does have lots of perfectly fine people aswell. Lead by a half wit, their nation is trying to be a dictator of the world. They invent the Kyoto treatie to regulate emmitions and then neglect to sign it on the grounds of "it might harm OUR indusrty". Selfish idiots.
by Ferg June 30, 2003
55 55
A child born out of wedlock
by Ferg June 30, 2003
6 11
The original designers of Windows. They were using thier own GUI when developing and Bill Gates bought it from them on the cheap and proceeded to market it as his own making a fortune. So a good definition would be Unlucky and shortsighted
by Ferg June 30, 2003
2 12
The real name for what the simplistic Americans call a "side walk". I can only assume that this name was picked as several Americans died through not knowing where to walk so they walked in the road, hence the turning of the name of a pavement into a set of instructions.
by Ferg June 30, 2003
34 55