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1) A fatherless child

2) (Strine) Term of friendship
2) Hey, Bruce, ya bastard, let's throw a couple of shrimp on the barbie!
by ke6isf March 23, 2004
548 410
level four of sentence enhancers
8=The Finger
* using two means adding.
by nappyafrochik April 05, 2003
321 184
A derogatory term used when a person was born with parents who aren't married.
Poor bastard. His parents still aren't married.
by Sydney Bristow March 20, 2004
209 146
1. A child born out of wedlock.
2. Something that is of irregular, inferior, or dubious origin.
3. A person, especially one who is held to be mean or disagreeable.
You bastard
by Sam429 March 12, 2004
133 86
australian, n, 1) illegitimate; mean;

2)endearing term to a person ( usually a male )
"Gday ya old bastard"! ( friendly greeting )
" He's a mean old bastard" !
(unpleasant greeting)
" Im happy as a bastard on Fathers Day" !
( extremely pleased colloq )
by herbie August 31, 2004
77 49
Besides all the usual meanings, it has a meaning in engineering as well. A bastard is a type of coarse-toothed file.
Conversation in the stores.
"Hi, I need a file."
"A half-round bastard?"
"No, a little triangular fucker."
by Croatalin December 20, 2013
25 0
A superior sub-race of human beings who are born into this world though illigitimate means. This ultimately gives them superpowers. e.g. The power to be very cool, the power to kick-ass.
Scientists have predicted that the number of bastards will increase dramatically in the future and their eventual taking-over-the-world and non-bastard holocaust will occur by year 2075.
Victor and Samantha are such sexy bastards.
by John 'Bastard' Citizen July 16, 2009
56 33