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a mincer is a man who likes nothing better than putting his feet up on a sunday afternoon while some bloke sits on his cock
Dude did you notice how ryan always likes to bare his arse to blokes? I reckon he's a grade A mincer.
by Mu Lin November 14, 2004
A man who is extremely camp. Not necessarily gay, but definitely exhibiting tendencies towards the feminine. Primarily slang used in England.
Look at that bloke, he's a real mincer.
by Atropos September 10, 2005
Acting like a total bender 100% of the time.
Hosker always wore tights under his jeans, he's a total mincer.
by abcde12345 December 07, 2005
Eyes. Abbreviation for mince pies; Cockney Rhyming Slang for eyes.
Use yer mincers.
by OnLineJones September 22, 2009
A man who behaves in an extremely effeminate manner all the time whilst refusing to accept that they look in any way camp.
You know that Chris Allen? What a terrible mincer he is....

I know, minces around like he's constantly on the Bourneville Boulevarde and claims it's his natural gait. What a mincer.
by JimtheBullet April 30, 2008
Freakishly small feet, especially on a male.
"Look at the mincers on that dude!" or "Why can't you just get on your mincers and prance away from me."
by Nannerama April 08, 2010
To be 'on the wrong bus', Gay as fuck!
Yeah, he wears flip-flops, sandals AND shorts. What a mincer!
by morphinemitt April 28, 2008

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