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12 definitions by Pamela

Axl is the best frontman of the world.
His voice is admirable. Axl is the best singer. Axl is unique.
Axl is like the Sun. We can not live without him.
by Pamela June 05, 2004
573 426
Ville - tall, slender, green eyed monster that disturbs our dreams with the promise of love and seduction that lies just out of our reach.
Valo - meaning light. Our light in the darkness when all else seems lost, his voice lifts us up and gives us hope.
The only true example can be experienced in the flesh.
by Pamela July 06, 2004
177 41
she of health and beauty
by Pamela September 23, 2003
75 27
to SMoke a Bowl (of weed).
same as smizzle the wizzle.
lets go smizzle a bizzle, fool
by Pamela January 03, 2005
17 2
what happens to people who spend too much time on fraternity/sorority row
He joined a frat, and now he's becoming all rowtarded.
by Pamela February 03, 2004
21 6
my friend Randy. who we believe keeps rufinol in his pocketses at all times. for those 'special moments' with the ladies.
So I was talking to the Rufinator, and he tried to give me a drink. Um, I said 'no.'
by Pamela March 22, 2004
9 2
characterized by a copious amount of nipple
that porn sure is nipplistic
by pamela January 04, 2007
6 1