n. base

Refferring to the total essence of greatness possessed. Normally taken by an entity that is rightfully deemed superior.

v. based
The inferior party was owned.
All your base are belong to us.
You have been based by the basemasters.
All your base belong in my truck.
by basemaster08 October 18, 2004
Top Definition
First base: making out (french kissing)
Second base: feeling up under or over clothes
Third base: hand jobs and fingering
(3.5: oral sex)
Home run: sex, (including anal)
BOB: We got to 3.5 last night

Bill: 3.5, there is no base called 3.5, are you retarded

BOB: you're just mad cause you're never gonna get there
by Mickey D. May 13, 2008
A substance made up of about 60% amphetamine.
In contrast to speed, which is made up of about 5% amphetamine.

Often methamphetamine is defined as base: "a purer form of speed".
Methamphetamine is a completely different chemical, with different effects. Base is the same chemical as speed, just in much higher concentrations.
Usually has a different effect to speed, as the higher dosage doesn't just mean fuller effects, but whole new ones as well.

NB: both amphetamine and methamphetamine have absolutely NOTHING to do with 2,3 methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy), despite the uneducated and ill-informed ramblings of the DEA.
personone: Meth is just a purer form of speed.
persontwo: No, that's base you idiot. Meth is a different chemical to speed.
personone: Allow me to kiss your educated feet, master. I revere in your mighty intelligence.
by kako October 15, 2005
A pure and potent form of amphetamine, comes in a crystaline lump rather than a powder (although is normally cut before use).
Mmmm, that base is nice and soft, cut me a line.
by flame August 29, 2003
Something which all is belong to Cats. The bomb has been set up, and they must take off every zig for great justice because they know what they doing.
How are you gentlemen?
by He who likes Bukkake March 14, 2005
no i aint runnin base for estaban!
by $pazz April 06, 2003
freebase, rock cocaine...
Yo lets lets go smoke some base....
by Greico July 27, 2003
good, awesome, etc.
kid - "Damn! Did you see that kid do a 1080 on a skateboard?"
kid 2 - "YEAH! That was fucking base!"
by eml97 May 19, 2011
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