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An awkward date you just can't seem to get out of. Most likely a double date caused by a nervous friend.
Yo, did you just get us into a 1080? I told you, I don't like your girl or her friend.
by DarkMoonSlash April 29, 2007
A term used to refer to a large man/woman, usually women, whom you would have to roll 1080 degrees to get off of during sex.
"Hey Jim, that 1080's been staring at you all night. You should go talk to her."
"Sorry, I won't do anything that has it's own orbit."
by Bill September 24, 2005
1080: a phrase used to refer to something that is 'cool'. Derived from 1080p, the HD screen resolution. Essentially, the word means something is HD or classy.
Dude, that new Ferrari they just released is pretty 1080
by AVANA January 16, 2011

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