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A substance made up of about 60% amphetamine.
In contrast to speed, which is made up of about 5% amphetamine.

Often methamphetamine is defined as base: "a purer form of speed".
Methamphetamine is a completely different chemical, with different effects. Base is the same chemical as speed, just in much higher concentrations.
Usually has a different effect to speed, as the higher dosage doesn't just mean fuller effects, but whole new ones as well.

NB: both amphetamine and methamphetamine have absolutely NOTHING to do with 2,3 methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy), despite the uneducated and ill-informed ramblings of the DEA.
personone: Meth is just a purer form of speed.
persontwo: No, that's base you idiot. Meth is a different chemical to speed.
personone: Allow me to kiss your educated feet, master. I revere in your mighty intelligence.
by kako October 15, 2005
Similar to playing the black card, playing the woman card, playing the disabled card, et cetera.
When someone exploits positive discrimination to get their way, and points to a personal trait of theres as a fault which somehow justifies their actions or inability to do something they'd ordinarily be expected to do.
Also used to guilt trip people into taking back something they've said on the grounds of them being insensitive.

Usually just enforces negative stereotypes and is extremely detrimental to the cases of most gay people simply wanting to be treated like normal human beings.
"Muuumm, I can't take the garbage out - I'm gay, remember?"
"Oh, sorry son. I'll do it. Thanks for playing the gay card! I nearly forgot that I'm supposed to treat you like an imbecile for something totally irrelivant to your physical and mental capacity."

"What the fuck are you on about, boy?"
"That really hurts my feelings. I have special needs! It's not easy growing up gay, you know?"
"Erh, don't play the gay card you stupid brat."

"What the hell did you do that for? You just killed 40,000 people!"
"I'm gay! How could I know any better? It's your fault, you straight people have made me unknowledgable through your discrimination."
by kako April 08, 2006
Sound made by bored people to fill silence.
Mostly in textual communication, but sometimes in verbal.

Originates from people whistling or singing a little tune when idle.
personone: Doo bee doo
persontwo: hum dee dum
personthree: lah dee dah
by kako October 15, 2005
Monthly Usage Meter -
A program that shows how much one has downloaded and how much download limit one has left.
Usually includes total download limit (for your respective plan with your ISP), total downloaded within the billing period, how many MB/day can be used without going over the limit and how many days are remaining in the billing period.

Most feature a bar which graphically shows the percentage of download allowance one has used to date, and a marker to show where one's bar should be to ensure sustainable downloading without going over the limit.

If one's ISP charges for extra data, some MUMs calculate how much extra will be charged to date.
1. This torrent is very large, I'll consult my MUM to see if I have enough data allowance left to download it.
2. My connection is going rather slow, I wonder if I've been shaped. I'd better check my MUM to see if I've gone over my download limit.
3. My download limit/month is 15GB. That allows 500MB/day of usage. It is now the 3rd day of my billing period, so the marker on my MUM is at the 1.5GB mark. I have downloaded 2GB so far, so the bar on my MUM has passed the maker.
4. The bar on my MUM is way past the marker. Perhaps I should stop downloading for a little while, to allow the marker to catch up.
by kako October 15, 2005

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