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pussy; usually good.(clean, shaved, not used alot.
yo i heard there gonna be mad trim at that party this week.
by $PAZZ April 01, 2003
neighborhood coke dealer, nuthing less then kilos.
score a brick from the ice cream man.
by $PAZZ April 01, 2003
no i aint runnin base for estaban!
by $pazz April 06, 2003
a code of conduct and respect for fellow gang memebers. based on ranking you may only be able to act a certain way toward them, and not allowed to be certain places(ex. movie theater, neighborhood, street corner.)
u better stick to the g-code around them boys on the corner.
by $PAZZ April 01, 2003
the person who stays at the stash house and watches the drugs. usually cocaine/crack.
yea im the umpire i chill at the crib and watch the base.
by $pazz April 06, 2003
verb. to make someone dissapear usually by killing them.
keep pressing me and im gonna milkbox that ass.
by $PAZZ April 01, 2003
the one boy in ya hood who u no run that shit and could end u in a heart beat.
yea that boy be the blockburna
by $PAZZ April 01, 2003

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