when you get the very bottom of the nug of weed where it is mostly stem. not very high in concentration and bringing you a low quality high.
"this is the BASE shit add some more DAWG"
#base #weed #fresh loaf #dick #pam anderson #nigga
by AYYOWHATUP October 02, 2009
(vb.) to get onto one of the bases with someone, like first base = making out, second = feeling up, third = oral
I got to first base with that chick yesterday, but maybe I'll base here again today
#first base #second base #third base #home run #home plate
by townie R V T June 25, 2006
Unlike "Scene" or "Emo", Base is for the more individual. The general characteristics of someone of the genre "Base" are; An unhealthy obsession with shoes, Outrageous hair/makeup, Bubbly personality, Enjoyment of computer games, Love of the arts, Enjoys the smell of hairspray in the morning, Enjoys a hot latte, Abnormal eating/drinking habits, Has/wants piercings and or tattoos, retro and outlandish clothing... MUST like Hot Chip (:
Look at that girl with the awesome freakin' hair and the purple eyeshadow! I love her shoes, OMG is she playing Super Mario Brothers?! She's SOOOO base!
#bace #bass #scene #emo #hot chip #retro #hairspray #makeup #hair #shoes
by SammyMassacre & LanaDarko March 01, 2008
refers to one's head, shortened from cabeza which is spanish for head - often used when discusted with halo - or when your head gets hurt - also see domed (dome) (ed)
"Dude, when i crashed last week my base got rocked."
"Oh, i just sniped him in his base"
#besa #dome #skull #domed #cabeza
by tLydick February 18, 2008
to merck some mans or someone
ill base mans for joke

mans lookin to get based

i was goin to base him

im goin to base you

mans lookin to get based ye
#beef #merck #bang #tump up #beat up
by channel umale February 18, 2008
a corny and lame comments, actions, and/or people that can be seen as pointless and/or be on dumb shit.
Did you see what that base ass bitch was on?
#stupid #dumb #lame #pointless #corny
by Shatora March 29, 2006
Base or Bace. In between an ace and a bust down
Yo, lemmie get that base son!
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
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