In the UK, the word base is fairly common, it simply means chill or hang out.
Guy 1: what you doing today fam??
Guy 2: I'm just gonna base at park for a bit.
by JET, AKA guava man, or african October 07, 2015
another word for home, it doesn't necessarily mean basement, just someones house or apartment.
"Person #1": Where are you?
"Person #2": I'm at my sis base, just call me.
by RIRIL1 March 28, 2008
a form of parachute jumping. the term comes from the words building antenna span earth, the four favorite sites for jumping.
"We went base-jumping last week, man, that was the craziest thing I've ever done!"
by Johannes March 27, 2005
base 1- Making out

Base 2 - touching of partners genitals

base 3 - oral sex ( hand job,blow job ect)

HOME RUN - sex what else?
hey mate me and katherine reached 3rd base last nite .
by maria googleface September 28, 2009
The retarded way to spell Bass guitar.
Douche: The base player over there is fuckin' old.

Me: *slap* It's bass.
by the_bayest October 28, 2008
basically suming thats fucking cool
that is so base
by madmanbeatz October 22, 2011
Another word for lame.
"Dude, that was so base."
by HEYTHEREHEY March 18, 2008
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