A randomer
Someone who is just there. Your not really sure who they are or who their with therefore they are random
The party was full of barneys so we left.
by 617 Boston October 08, 2007
A women's reproductive organ (Vulva). Can also be referred to as "Purple Dinosaur"

also known as: Pussy, Vagina, Beaver, Slot.
*Friend walking with Girlfriend*

- Aye Get that barney nigga
- Fo Sho, my nigga


- Hey, what you doin' tonight with Sabrina?
- Nuttin' hopefully I can finally get that Barney
- Oh, yeah man that would be hella tight!

- Dang, she got that tight purple dinosaur
by Tha Night Owl March 13, 2011
a fight, (either physical or verbal)
there was a barney between the inlaws and the outlaws after the hitch
by Hunterider November 10, 2008
london slang for trouble; barney-> barney rubble-> trouble
I'm in barney with my girlfriend after sleeping with her sister again.
by Jeff October 29, 2004
1) A purple dinosaur who sells drugs, which are in his tail, to little children.

2) A bot from half life who yells "AWWW CRAP INCOMING!"
whoah joshua! where did you get that cocain?

From Barney!
by Greencow67 December 09, 2010
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