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Hypno is the Pedophile of the Pokemon world.Often seen trying to hypnotise children. They can be Found in cities,forests,parks,outside your childs window.There have been few documented cases of hypno actully raping children.This is a rare case as your typical hypno would erase the childs memory after it has finnishedits buisness.
Little Girl: Mommy There's a strange yellow man with a pocket watch and a long nose following me.
Mother: Thats a hypno sweetie you must never go near those .....ever in your life
Little Girl:Okay
Hypno: Awww shit i was so close.
by Rayquazafing July 09, 2010
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Slang for alcoholic beverage Hpnotiq.
Blend of vodka, cognac, and tropical fruit juices.
Dis hypno is da sheezy!
by an0nym0u5 November 22, 2005
Greek God os sleep. He is the son of Nyx (Night) and loves putting people to sleep. If your'e lucky, he'll wait till you're in bed. If not you'll fall asleep in your algebra class.
"Dude why did you fall asleep in algebra?"
"It was all Hypnos fault, he clonked me on the head and I dozed off,"
by Golden Girl February 17, 2015
Short for Hypnotiq. A blue liquor mixed with vodka, cognac, and tropical flavors.

Hypno is also the street term for a highly potent narcotic. It is very lethal, very strong, and very pricey. It comes in a white powdered form, similar to cocaine and can be sniffed, smoked, injected, or ingested. Usually used in very small amount and produces acid-like effects. Quantaties the size of a quarter can go for anywhere upwards of $100 dollars on the street depending on location and availability.
Mike: Wanna smoke some Hypno?

Jesse: Hell no that shit will kill you!
by citydweller216 October 10, 2010
cool pokemon that has its own little pocket watch that it uses to hypnotize people, hence the name, "hypno".
hypno is a bad-ass pokemon, but not as cool as mewtwo, because he can talk, and he wants to destroy the world.
by bulldog2010 April 21, 2007
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