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A purple and green-spotted dinosaur world famous for being on the self titled pre-k daytime TV show "Barney". His annoying voice oh-so-cheerful disposition and plastered-on smile have charmed kids under 5 for many years now. Fortunatly for the sane population, Barney has lost some of his popularity over the past few years,much to the disappointment of his parental fan-base. With any luck this dancing dino will be an example of pre-k pop-culture gone extict.
Barney has hypno powers. He can make rowdy 3-year-olds sit down for a whole HALF HOUR! Who could have guessed??
by MythKid07 January 17, 2006
A hybrid between a skirt and shorts. Often sold at Gap Kids instead of a real skirt for want of seeming non-risque. Often worn by individuals who are: a)Afraid of flashing someone thus embaressing themselves b)Hopelessly uncool c) doesn't HAVE any skirts to wear so they ATTEMPT to look cool through the wearing of a skort. And remember children, skorts are,and always will be, a fashion faux pas.
Word for the Wise: NEVER wear skorts at a fab summer barbeque. It's social suicide.
by MythKid07 January 17, 2006

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