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A person who's like a coconut(even though he hates them) hard from outside but soft and nice from the inside. Knows what they should do but just needs a push. Are OBSESSED with their cars and bikes and like addressing them as 'her' :P Approach with great caution can be harmful for your nose. Don't try fighting back you'll just end up hurting yourself. They tend not to talk a lot and can be complicated at times but thats only when they're pms'ing. Panick over every little thing but its their way of caring. Know what to say to make you feel better. People they care about mean the world to them. Can be extremely cozy and cuddly. Can be very observative, and likes knowing every little detail.

To sum it all up.. Gem of a dinosaur..
Leave my nose alone you Barney
by Qutta..!! May 17, 2010
A large retarded purple child molesting dinosaur. Also likes to take it in the ass from kids between the ages of 4 thru 9.
Barney: Now Timmy, just stick it up in there!!

Timmy: I'M SCARED!!!!!

Barney: Just do it you little fucking bastard!!!!!!!
by imnotreallysure69 December 28, 2008
"Cute Purple Dinosaur". Synonym for Satan.

Roman Numerals are C (100), V (5), V (5), L (50), D (500), I (1), V (5)

Add them all up, and it's 666.

by ~Dee Dee~ November 22, 2007
a blue waffle on its period
dude i literally threw up when i heard what a barney was
by n!tr0 April 24, 2010
A randomer
Someone who is just there. Your not really sure who they are or who their with therefore they are random
The party was full of barneys so we left.
by 617 Boston October 08, 2007
A women's reproductive organ (Vulva). Can also be referred to as "Purple Dinosaur"

also known as: Pussy, Vagina, Beaver, Slot.
*Friend walking with Girlfriend*

- Aye Get that barney nigga
- Fo Sho, my nigga


- Hey, what you doin' tonight with Sabrina?
- Nuttin' hopefully I can finally get that Barney
- Oh, yeah man that would be hella tight!

- Dang, she got that tight purple dinosaur
by Tha Night Owl March 13, 2011
A weird insult from mid 90's media of uncertain origin, meaning "moron" or possibly "philistine." Is it a reference to the dinosaur? Or Barney Fife? The world may never know.
"I'll show those short-sighted barneys who's mad now!" - Weird Science, c. 1995
by Shiggity and Trionna December 31, 2010