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THE ULTIMATE EVIL! He must be destroyed at all costs!

Join me, in my noble crusade against Barney!
Barney will devour your soul!!
by Cortana Dragoon June 24, 2005
1307 431
Another word for an argument of a fight
John and Rachel were having a Barney
by killerclown56 November 11, 2009
6 3
Running away like a fat purple dinosaur
The cops are coming, im doin the barney.
by SkitzkID September 07, 2009
7 4
a fight, (either physical or verbal)
there was a barney between the inlaws and the outlaws after the hitch
by Hunterider November 10, 2008
4 1
"dude, i'm picking up a some barney this weekend."
"awesome, we're gonna get baked"
by clicker_spock February 11, 2010
3 1
london slang for trouble; barney-> barney rubble-> trouble
I'm in barney with my girlfriend after sleeping with her sister again.
by Jeff October 29, 2004
14 12
The state of being in deep mentally agitation : being in trouble of the direst kind.

Expression used by the British character "Basher" (Don Cheadle) in the popular 2001 movie Ocean's Eleven.

BASHER: Guys, we're in barney.
**the guys look blank**
BASHER: Barney rubble - trouble!! *followed by an exasperated look*
by rook.y October 30, 2007
7 6
Barney is the purple and green dinosaur that kids love.
It lies to kids about what life really is, telling them that if you sing it will all be okay, when, in reality, your dad is swearing all day because of work and your mom just got pregnant with the neighbors baby (just an example of real life).

Also, the kids show no individual personality, showing everyday kids that when you are older you should steal someone else's identity because its fun being like everyone else.
Barney is also calculated to be satan.
So next time you want something related to Barney, think twice before watch satan in act.
I have no examples, just the truth about barney.
by Gracie 1234567890 November 18, 2013
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