THE ULTIMATE EVIL! He must be destroyed at all costs!

Join me, in my noble crusade against Barney!
Barney will devour your soul!!
by Cortana Dragoon June 24, 2005
Barney is the term used mainly among the black community and common associated with the term "ass nigga". If you don't know what Barney means you are Barney. Which makes you reading this right now a "Barney Ass Nigga". PBS was granted by 500 million dollars by Barney ass nigga Barack Obama in hopes of finding a cure. Constant debates between whether theirs a cure for being Barney has sparked war around the world as world leaders argue whose Barney and whose not Barney. If you still reading this you so Barney to the point where it's irreversible. You now referred to being what many call "Barney as a motherfuck". At this level of Barney I who's is typing this can not type the definition without becoming Barney.
Barack Obama passed a bill to grant PBS 500 million dollars to research find a cure for "Barney ass niggas"
by YouBarneyForLookingAtMyName September 16, 2014
A women's reproductive organ (Vulva). Can also be referred to as "Purple Dinosaur"

also known as: Pussy, Vagina, Beaver, Slot.
*Friend walking with Girlfriend*

- Aye Get that barney nigga
- Fo Sho, my nigga


- Hey, what you doin' tonight with Sabrina?
- Nuttin' hopefully I can finally get that Barney
- Oh, yeah man that would be hella tight!

- Dang, she got that tight purple dinosaur
by Tha Night Owl March 13, 2011
Running away like a fat purple dinosaur
The cops are coming, im doin the barney.
by SkitzkID September 07, 2009
a fight, (either physical or verbal)
there was a barney between the inlaws and the outlaws after the hitch
by Hunterider November 10, 2008
"dude, i'm picking up a some barney this weekend."
"awesome, we're gonna get baked"
by clicker_spock February 11, 2010
london slang for trouble; barney-> barney rubble-> trouble
I'm in barney with my girlfriend after sleeping with her sister again.
by Jeff October 29, 2004
A school director sent from hell whose hobby is to procrastinate and hide in her cave. She is also a compulsive liar, so beware.
Student 1: Hoy, ga ano ka da? (Hey, what are you doing?)
Student 2: Gahulat kay Barney, pa pirma ko tani promi ko(I'm waiting for Barney, so that she can sign my promissory note.)
Student 1: Haha, di nlng mig. busy sya kuno. di ma distorbo (Haha, there's no need friend. You cannot disturb her, she's busy.
by ihatebarney August 02, 2011

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