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n. An old school cutsupreme or cutlass
I can't decide should we take the box chevy or the cut dog?
by anonomus June 14, 2006
Acronym for "Kick Ass and Take Names"
Its time to KATN.
by anonomus April 23, 2003
The usually brown stuff on a tree, has many textures!
I like to look at the bark on the trees.
by anonomus March 30, 2004
a large person wanting to be a ninja, but knows not what a ninja wears or does
the farnarter is clueless
by anonomus January 02, 2005
Used to ask if someone has or doesn't have somethig.
You didn't bring beer whichadidga?
by anonomus September 01, 2004
A Really Really Big Slut
You have slept with every guy in the city
by Anonomus July 28, 2004
1everyone that voted for bush

2a hick

3someone lacking total common sense

4all of the above (and 2 are a given)
yo mama is a complete dumb ass for not aborting you
by anonomus January 02, 2005

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