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To have a sore neck./back after going to a heavy metal show and headbanging or moshing too much
Dude, I had the worst bang-over after seeing Slayer the other night.
by Mr. Unkown August 07, 2008
16 2
A severe headache induced by headbanging.
" Dude, I just got a total bangover."
by Ironman211 January 30, 2009
71 60
When your neck is in pain from headbanging too much the previous day at a show/concert.
We're gonna get such a bangover after that show tonight!
by HxChris October 03, 2010
15 6
The feeling of intense soreness through out your body and stiffness/pain in your neck the morning after a big show.
Boy 1: Dude, the show last night was sick!

Boy 2: I know! But after all that moshing and whatnot, I woke up this morning with a huge bangover.
by 321BENDOVER March 21, 2011
13 5
The state one finds oneself in the day after a one night stand, or a particularly exhaustive sexual tryst. Typically characterized by a rough and tousled appearance, and feelings of dirtiness (or, alternatively, dreaminess), distraction, lethargy, and general uselessness.

Similar to a hangover, but produced by copious amounts of sex, rather than alcohol.

An extension of the walk of shame (which lasts only as long as the journey from the scene of one's sexual exploits back to one's home), the bang-over continues throughout the following 24-hour period (or at least until unconsciousness occurs), regardless of whether one is in the company of others, or showing outward signs of having been engaged in said exploits.

Otherwise known as post-coital remorse or, in extreme situations, a post-coital coma.

Not to be confused with the tamer morning after condition, the bangover.
Layla: Maria, salimos esta noche? (shall we go out tonight?)
Maria: Ay, no se. Estoy sufriendo de un bang-over malisimo. (I don't know, I'm suffering from a wicked bang-over.)


Layla: What happened to you last night? I couldn't find you...
Maria: I went home with that guy. Did the walk of shame at 6 AM.
Layla: Damn girl, you must have one helluva bang-over.
Maria: Fact.
by bad-call betty February 16, 2010
11 3
the result of a good night of headbanging
dood i got such a wicked bang over from the show last night
by irish shithead August 14, 2008
19 14
Often accompanied by a hangover. A bangover is the usually not so cool feeling one is gifted the 'morning after' a night of beer goggles and ah, bumping uglies because you could. Not necessarily a good idea, but it seemed like genius at the time.

Accentuating Factors (things that make a bangover worse): He/She was coyote ugly. He/She was your cousin. His/Her nickname is 'cum bucket'. None of that is any good!

Attenuating Factors (things that make a bangover not so bad): He/She was hot. He/She made you cum so hard that if it didn't stop, you would squeeze out a kidney next time. He/She taught you something new or made you laff so hard you were worried about crapping yourself or sharting. All of that is awesome!

In contrast to a hangover, which has absolutely no potential of being anything but annoying, a bangover at least has the potential to generate some shits and giggles down the road.
While texting (or fexting):

You: Ahhhh! Nothing like a brisk summer thunderstorm to wash away a bangover!
Them: Bangover? Wondering what else you got into last night...
You: Oh shit! *epic* typo!
You: Sadly enough, all I have is a hangover. Tip: You will always lose a shot contest with yourself.
by Yagotta B. Kiddin June 21, 2014
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