unpleasant physical effects (fatigue, soreness, and overall lethargy) caused by excessive copulation.
Hey girl, you wouldn't believe what happened after you left last night. I met up with all these sailors on shore leave and they swabbed my deck all night long. I have the worst bangover ever.
by elwiggs November 29, 2009
An extreme variant of the traditional hangover, brought about from a combination of extreme alcohol consumption and excessive head banging.

Sexual References can be made as regards to a similar noun - 'gangbang' and the bangover being the result of such debauched actions.
"Dude: I have such a bangover from last night!"

"What a hell of a night dude...best bangover yet :P!"
by PrincessOfPeaceIsBkNShesPissd October 28, 2012
The act of being totally exhausted at work on a Monday from being banged out by sex Sunday night.
Jill came over last night and now I have a bangover!
by JDHook January 09, 2012
the after-effects of bad and/or regrettable sex from the night before.
My buddy Ryan shouldnt have had sex with that girl last night. He is suffering from a brutal bangover today.
by stevesupernova April 07, 2011
The day after unprotected sex experienced by women. Usually involves a regular hangover coupled with the negatives effects of the morning after pill. This combo with the addition of the "fuck im an idiot" feeling creates the ultimate in feeling like shit.
Cindy: Hey jane, wanna come for breakfast?
Jane: No i feel like fuckin shit..
Cindy: oh hangover?
Jane: no... bangover
Cindy: OOooooooo... fuck, try not to kill yourself.
by preganator December 02, 2010
When you have too much sex the night before, and the next day you can't walk.
Damn, we were at it all night long, I had such a bad bangover.
by eightOHtwo November 22, 2010
the result of hardcore sex where you cant feel your body any more and you feel hung over but youve just had sex no alcohol and your done!
you want more but your body cant take anymore because your to worn out.
bangover To much boning in one night and you body is

by iheartsnow23 June 27, 2010

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