When you have too much sex the night before, and the next day you can't walk.
Damn, we were at it all night long, I had such a bad bangover.
by eightOHtwo November 22, 2010
the result of hardcore sex where you cant feel your body any more and you feel hung over but youve just had sex no alcohol and your done!
you want more but your body cant take anymore because your to worn out.
bangover To much boning in one night and you body is

by iheartsnow23 June 27, 2010
The way you feel after having a night of drunken sex.
Ugh, I have the worst bangover from that guy last night. Where did he go anyway? Are those his shoes? God, my vagina hurts!
by Stoney52 November 05, 2009
permission to have redemption or pity sex with a person after experiencing a premature ejaculation event. (See Do-Over)
"I wasn't going to have sex with that guy again, but he was nice, so I gave him a bangover."
by TheMadKan2 October 23, 2009
like the word 'hangover' but not from drinking, a bangover is after sex has happened sometimes you can be feeling shit about having sex, and it makes you feel ill.
"dude did you sleep with that girl"

"yeah man i have the worst bangover"
by JoJoJoeyy November 22, 2011
The feeling of out right pain and discomfort one experiences the morning after a metal gig.
I can't move my head today, I've got the worst bangover after the gig last night.
by Pokanny May 30, 2010
The feeling in the morning after a night of sexual intercourse with a person you regret screwing
I woke up with a horrible bangover after realizing who I fucked last night.
by ElenaMikeMattJordan March 28, 2010
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