Waking up to regret a one-night stand
"Last night he looked so good, but now after seeing him in the light I have a bangover..."
by fatesaurus-rex March 03, 2015
The act of having sex with someone that you have had sex with previously. A "bangover" usually occurs when you are intoxicated or just lonely. You typically realize why you stopped banging someone in the first place after your "bangover" is done.
Last night I had a few glasses of wine, was feeling kind of lonely, so I decided to have a bangover with Alex. This morning I remembered why I stopped banging him in the first place....no matter how hard he tries, it is just never going to get any bigger.
by djsextornado April 24, 2011
The after-sex feeling of not giving a shit about your partner, especially when he or she wants to cuddle.
"Hey, babe, let's cuddle."
"Sorry, I can't, I got a really bad bangover".
by SamuelCish January 04, 2015
Bang-over (bang-oh-ver)


1. The inability to start a new book because you are still living in the old book's world

2. The inability to function at work/school because you were up all night binge-reading
I've got such a massive bangover I can't even face powering up my Kindle

Abigail was sent home from school early she had such a bad bangover
by Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat June 08, 2014
The resulting soreness subsequent to a day/night of rough sex.
"My favorite fuck buddy was over last night, so today I have a wicked bangover."
by auralphyxation September 13, 2011
Feeling like shit in the moring because you were up all night F*cking.
I'm tired as sh*t and my d*ck is sore, I got a horrible bangover.
by samtheman1 February 23, 2010
unpleasant physical effects (fatigue, soreness, and overall lethargy) caused by excessive copulation.
Hey girl, you wouldn't believe what happened after you left last night. I met up with all these sailors on shore leave and they swabbed my deck all night long. I have the worst bangover ever.
by elwiggs November 29, 2009

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