The act of having sex with someone that you have had sex with previously. A "bangover" usually occurs when you are intoxicated or just lonely. You typically realize why you stopped banging someone in the first place after your "bangover" is done.
Last night I had a few glasses of wine, was feeling kind of lonely, so I decided to have a bangover with Alex. This morning I remembered why I stopped banging him in the first matter how hard he tries, it is just never going to get any bigger.
by djsextornado April 24, 2011
Waking up to regret a one-night stand
"Last night he looked so good, but now after seeing him in the light I have a bangover..."
by fatesaurus-rex March 03, 2015
The after-sex feeling of not giving a shit about your partner, especially when he or she wants to cuddle.
"Hey, babe, let's cuddle."
"Sorry, I can't, I got a really bad bangover".
by SamuelCish January 04, 2015
Bang-over (bang-oh-ver)


1. The inability to start a new book because you are still living in the old book's world

2. The inability to function at work/school because you were up all night binge-reading
I've got such a massive bangover I can't even face powering up my Kindle

Abigail was sent home from school early she had such a bad bangover
by Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat June 08, 2014
Feeling like shit in the moring because you were up all night F*cking.
I'm tired as sh*t and my d*ck is sore, I got a horrible bangover.
by samtheman1 February 23, 2010
Often accompanied by a hangover. A bangover is the usually not so cool feeling one is gifted the 'morning after' a night of beer goggles and ah, bumping uglies because you could. Not necessarily a good idea, but it seemed like genius at the time.

Accentuating Factors (things that make a bangover worse): He/She was coyote ugly. He/She was your cousin. His/Her nickname is 'cum bucket'. None of that is any good!

Attenuating Factors (things that make a bangover not so bad): He/She was hot. He/She made you cum so hard that if it didn't stop, you would squeeze out a kidney next time. He/She taught you something new or made you laff so hard you were worried about crapping yourself or sharting. All of that is awesome!

In contrast to a hangover, which has absolutely no potential of being anything but annoying, a bangover at least has the potential to generate some shits and giggles down the road.
While texting (or fexting):

You: Ahhhh! Nothing like a brisk summer thunderstorm to wash away a bangover!
Them: Bangover? Wondering what else you got into last night...
You: Oh shit! *epic* typo!
You: Sadly enough, all I have is a hangover. Tip: You will always lose a shot contest with yourself.
by Yagotta B. Kiddin June 21, 2014
The resulting soreness subsequent to a day/night of rough sex.
"My favorite fuck buddy was over last night, so today I have a wicked bangover."
by auralphyxation September 13, 2011

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