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Boring. Overfamiliar through overuse. Bromidic.
Jim: You are banal and bromidic. I do not wish for your company.
Sally: What?
Jim: Get lost.
by Anoynmous March 24, 2005
adjective, describes something that is intended to be creative and/or thought-provoking, but is really just kind of unoriginal, pretentious, and stupid.
I like most of the Doors' music, but Jim Morrison's poetry is just plain banal.
by Woody Thomas October 10, 2009
An adjective, describes something lacking in originality, obvious and boring.
Commonplace, unimaginative.
Anal with banana is banal.
by komaeda nagito February 20, 2014
Anal. To use the word anal without people thinking you are talking about ANAL.
I'd love to get some banal tonight.
by sfafhvjaopguewejac September 05, 2014
Stale and unoriginal.
Way to remember it
anal is unoriginal and stale therefore
YOLO is such a banal saying
by Wordsdefined December 20, 2013
as boring as sitting on the toilet with nothing to read.
me: "did you go to the golf tournament today?"
you: "yes,omigosh,it was so BANAL"
by christina November 28, 2004
While going at it missionary style, pop two testicles in the anus of your female companion. Doing so makes a loud pop sound upon insertion.
Hey baby wanna do banal tonight? Give my balls something to do too...
by d(^_^)b 3VIL October 01, 2008
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