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A sleazeball who thinks he has conned me but though he pretends to be my friend I know I am better as I have been researching for much longer than him and I am the original and alway have been and always will be and he's really getting my hackles up and if he's not careful I shall set my LOVELY WIFE on him!
Danny, the pratt in the wooly hat.
by Mark February 22, 2004
intransitive verb from bamp - smelly, minging, dirty faced, torn clothing. basically a minger.

Often used to describe a Devon-based person who is extremely fond of sheep.
Danny is a Bamping
He's often seen a tramping
His mother doesnae ken his fither
And she certainly widnae want tae
by Christina February 17, 2004
excrement, pooh, faeces, droppings,
whoops, I've stepped in a bamping
by Ivan Bagerov March 24, 2005
When you spend the night sleeping on your boat. Usually a small boat with limited amenities.
We went bamping last night at the cove.
by Jimmy jjjjjjj June 09, 2015
someone who created something that worked and inadvertidley pissed people off through success.
Danny Bamping - the one and only
by Tez March 18, 2005
Someone who works and works has very little free time, for people to forget the help and chances they have been given, and then stab him in the back. All because of jelousy
Bamping missing out on a life, by working too hard.
by Hoganp March 07, 2008

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