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The byproduct that our body produces. Dead cells and undigested food form into various forms. (see poo for the different types)
Rabbits, hares and even roe deer, being herbivores and feeding on the same type of food, have similar droppings.
by felenoral May 27, 2006
when you drop g's on your words

"adrian you are so effin hilarious...when you comment my page...i keep laughin..."
"**there i go droppin g's again:D**"
by Jasmine Courtney January 18, 2008
When u dont fuck with a person anymore
Bitch im dropping you
by datbishh April 04, 2015
1. Go into a thrift store and find the dirtiest, ugliest, most unappealing outfit you can find
2. Sneak into a fancy department store
3. Dress the mannequin up in the outfit
4. Take a picture and run like hell
Kind of like the opposite of shoplifting, you're giving back to the store. I don't even know if that's illegal or not.
-Let's go dropping at Bergdorf Goodman!
-Awesome, we can use this hideous dress I found!
by Cha Cha Heels October 23, 2007

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