Top Definition
Rebellion against an authority

Mostly sailors ( pirates ) against superior officers.
Pirate: Do it!
person: NO!
by California de pirata January 04, 2006
To drink a bottle of Captain Morgan or Admiral Nelson until it is empty.
You'd have to be crazy to attempt mutiny against a handle of Captain alone.
by collegefacts November 16, 2011
A Mutiny is when you allow someone to engage in penetrative sex with yourself during pirate-esque sorts of role play and then have them ambushed by one or more people in which you proceed to 'take over'.
One evening, Jenny thought it would be funny to have some friends hide in her closet so she could give her boyfriend a Mutiny.
by atayomics June 09, 2011
when better, more appropriate titles go AWOL
The series was named Mutiny even though the proper title would be AWOL.
by seriesnamer April 28, 2009
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