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exactly what Steven Li is becoming...knowing he is losing hair on his head
some guy down the hall yells: "Steven's Bald!!!!!!"
by ICevil January 10, 2005
13 39
When your face is so good looking it is taking over the rest of your head.
You're bald.

I know. My face is so good looking it's taking over the rest of my head.
by allholy1 December 11, 2007
346 95
Clean shaven genitals.
Her pussy is bald and smooth.
by Ashley January 06, 2004
326 117
to have no hair where it is suppose to be
Britney Spears;

to be bald is now known as "To pull a Britney."
by Ashalee March 20, 2007
262 149
perhaps the most common way to describe a man who is either losing his hair or has none at all.
A bald man is beautiful when his heart is too.
by Anna Isabella November 02, 2006
163 80
Taller than your hair.
Vin Deisil is bald.
by Neil Deprume and Deameon Havok February 10, 2006
104 102
without hair or other covering material, smooth to the penile touch.
the only reason that chap william had nella was so he had a new bald head to rub
by miguel sanchez March 30, 2003
28 40
Short for battle, including WoW.
Wanna bald?
by jubjub449 July 07, 2010
20 35