Strangely stupid, not intelligent in a weird way.
Nathan ate an expired yogurt. He is bald.
Look at those bald soldiers going to war!
by sweetnsour39 June 22, 2006
To act bald with someone is not to make time for someone, or simply be angry for no reason, and generally be a very strict person
Why is he acting so bald with me?
by Faustski February 04, 2006
uncool, underhanded, selfish
Your roommate owes you over $300 bucks back rent and he has the nerve to go out and buy an XBOX? Dude, that's so bald.

(also used with "did or doing")

Tony told your fiance about what happened at the bachelor party. Man he did you bald.


Your girlfriend is screwing the whole wrestling squad, she's totally doing you bald, man.
by Shane Arnold March 29, 2005
adj. the property of having equal to or less than the amount of hair possessed by Zach Becker (a.k.a. bald kid)
Zach Becker has a low self-esteem and often cries because he is bald.
by Webster's Dictionary November 22, 2004
Categorically bad. Lacking any goodness.
"Wrecking my car was totally bald! Now I have no wheels to get back and forth to my bald job that I need to pay for this crappy, bald apartment I'm renting in this bald small town."
by slide23 January 26, 2005
A guy with a receding hairline. Truly laughable yet sad at the same time.
I wonder how you felt when you first knew you were going bald.
by cldc February 12, 2008
An unfortunate condition which makes men go bald. Ugly ass receding hairline that is so embarrassing and ugly to look at. Usually they will wear a hat. If you go bald young its even more embarrassing and gross.
ew, look at michael , he's bald.
Ew, look at michael , he's bald.
by Error394 February 15, 2008
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