dissappointment, something to say when you have nothing else to say.
BAH, i hate him so much
by person June 09, 2003


1. Used to express annoyance, anger, or sadness.
2. Used to "enhance" dull sentences.
1. "BAH! I hate doing taxes!!"

2. " Bah! I like dogs, bah!"

by Lizzy September 14, 2005
A word signifying a close bond between best friends. Can also have the connotation of someone who you consider a brother, or bro.
"Thanks Bah, I appreciate it. "
by Matt_Bah May 20, 2005
Bah is a person, namely cute in appearance may even be the most beautiful people in the world. Bah's are also known for their lovable selves and also awkward (Awkies) moments.
Guy: Hey dude! did you see that girl?

Me: Yes, she's a bah.
by aasifmo November 03, 2012
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