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used by lazy pot heads to say bud or marijuana
doo lets go sma some bah and play some xbah
by mr.figs August 13, 2007
a name
that can be replaced with any letter to describe a particular person
usually used by a bunch of drunken or high people that are to lazy to say full names
Ah BDOOD!dood what are you doing dooo....lets go get RDOOD and go smoke some bah and play some xbah kk?
by mr.figs August 13, 2007
a phrase originating from bdood
meaning messed up or "fucked up"
usually off drugs
like marijuana or acid

also can be replace with h as fuh if you are only on marijuana
Man dooo im sauche as fuh lets go drive a car cuz im eddie and im 12 but im gonna go drive a car under the influence of acid alcohol mary jane and ecstasy
by mr.figs August 13, 2007

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