A term often used by Italians.
This is the ideal word for an Italian to express his nonchalant attitude towards a particular subject.

The word "mah" may also be used instead of "bah".
Me, all I knows is, I saw your girl wit Gino doin' stuff that me I wouldn't do wit your girl.

Bah, who cares...I gave her herpes...we're freakin'even you know...
by The Urban Italian May 31, 2005
A word signifying a close bond between best friends. Can also have the connotation of someone who you consider a brother, or bro.
"Thanks Bah, I appreciate it. "
by Matt_Bah May 20, 2005
A term used for when you don't care about something; a way to express you don't give a damn about whatever the issue is.
Person 1: Someone called you an asshole.
Person 2: Bah!
by Katopolis February 13, 2005
Used to express dismissal, reject advice, renounce something, or to simply say "that won't happen".
dude 1: You can't take this boat through a hurricane! We'll sink!
dude 2: Bah.

dude 1: This ship is too big to be going this fast! There's icebergs out there!
dude 2: Bah.
by scuba steve January 27, 2005
Something I say out of frustration...Also doubles as a cute sheep noise. ^,~
Bah, I don't wanna do that! >.<;
by Tezzy Dowzy November 23, 2004
Expression used when an undesired event takes place
Gay Pride Festival?!?! BAH!
Bored As Hell
Dude, are we just going to sit here, I'm Bah!
by AHots October 17, 2011

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