A pub in the northeastern United States.
"Mikey and I are going to go meet Danny at the bah."
#bar #boston #pub #new england #drinking
by Wicked David February 07, 2007
A term often used by Italians.
This is the ideal word for an Italian to express his nonchalant attitude towards a particular subject.

The word "mah" may also be used instead of "bah".
Me, all I knows is, I saw your girl wit Gino doin' stuff that me I wouldn't do wit your girl.

Bah, who cares...I gave her herpes...we're freakin'even you know...
by The Urban Italian May 31, 2005
A term used for when you don't care about something; a way to express you don't give a damn about whatever the issue is.
Person 1: Someone called you an asshole.
Person 2: Bah!
by Katopolis February 13, 2005
Used to express dismissal, reject advice, renounce something, or to simply say "that won't happen".
dude 1: You can't take this boat through a hurricane! We'll sink!
dude 2: Bah.

dude 1: This ship is too big to be going this fast! There's icebergs out there!
dude 2: Bah.
by scuba steve January 27, 2005
Something I say out of frustration...Also doubles as a cute sheep noise. ^,~
Bah, I don't wanna do that! >.<;
by Tezzy Dowzy November 23, 2004
Expression used when an undesired event takes place
Gay Pride Festival?!?! BAH!
Bored As Hell
Dude, are we just going to sit here, I'm Bah!
#bored #blech #grrr #pbbb #psh
by AHots October 17, 2011
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