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to chatter inanely
we were all loved up on MDMA and had a good spraff
by dislexus October 23, 2001
Cola flavoured soft drink, orderable by keyboard
"I used the key, where's my TAB?"
by dislexus October 16, 2001
1. Dismissive response
2. Where to get drinks at 2am
1. A: Why dont you go get rooted
B: Bah!

2. I'm going to the bah, who needsKilkenny?
by dislexus October 17, 2001
People who haven't a clue and use computers
This one luser asked me how to copy a disk when she doesn't knwo how to fit two disks in the drive at once.
by dislexus October 23, 2001
Person with musical style
Hype in the House. He my selecta
by dislexus October 23, 2001

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