An acronym that stands for "Bitch Ass Hoe".
That bah just ran off with all my money.
by bah11 December 24, 2010
Is a bitch-ass-hoe who needs to shut the hell up!!!
"Whoa that BAH never shuts her trap."

I know I just wanna take her out already!
by lehcarr! December 15, 2010
your boy. your boo. the boy you love. opposite a guh (a girl)
Damn my bah lookin sexxxyyyy!
by CG Morning October 20, 2010
Bah is defined as a word use to say a statement is false. Bah could also be used in a sarcastic way to prove someone wrong. The word "bah" originated from Ryan Patrick Urv, from New Jersey. Ryan copy-wrote the word once established. The word originated from weird sounds he would say to his friends when he believed they were telling a false statement.
Ryan- Yo you want to play ball today?

Anonymous- ite im down. Are you ready to lose and shit?

Ryan- Bahh!! yeah okay buddy
by BigUrv August 15, 2010
1. A word that is generally used to portray a sense of frustration or disappointment, such as “God Dangit.” Used in situations relating to anger, annoyance, or frustration as something to say when you have nothing else to say.

2. Also used as a word by people with 'high' street cred to mock their enemies. Should be used with caution similar to “Take that!”
A. After barely losing a one-on-one shootout on MW2 – BAH!

B. Minutes after using BAH! for that shootout loss, you knife that same person in the back as revenge--BAH!
by Caddizac July 12, 2010
when all 50 states are rolled into one verbal out burst.
"wanna hear me say all 50 states in .5 seconds?"

by FUBAR82 December 10, 2008
-expressionless word used by women when they are confused.
-also commonly used by hank hill from king of the hill when he falls or sees bobby hill doing something homosexual
Bah I just crashed my daddy's jag headfirst into a brick wall

by epreb April 17, 2007

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