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BAHA stands for "bad ass homo sexual" and is to be used when a homosexual male or female has done something badass, has something badass or is just one badass motherfucker.
Neil Patrick Harris is a BAHS.
by ohyoyobySH December 02, 2011
a point in time where you dont give a fuck so you say bah!
man idont get this stupid crap bah!
by mrs got em March 11, 2009
The Name Of An Awesome Person
Often Used As A Substitute To Babe
Commonly Used In The Essex And Suffolk Area
Derogative from old Suffolk Accents.
Used regularly by farmers etc
But now adopted by today's youth.
"Alright Bah?"
"Bah, Can you pass me the salt?"
by Gabrielle Rush August 09, 2007
One of the many uses of the word yea. Pronounced Ba, not Bah, it can replace any yea that you say. Other uses of the word yea are whea, sure, and yea. It is also common to combine these forms to make interesting phrases such as bahsurewhea, wheasurebah, and surebahwhea, etc. Bah was created by saying the work yea really fast over and over again, eventually evolving to the word Bah. It can also be Bah, so basically at any given time it can be yea.
Example 1:

Matt: "Jay can I come over today"
Jay: "Bah"

Example 2:

Matt: "Jay, is it Bah?"
Jay: "Bah"
by Isbister April 25, 2006
An interjection that you say when everything around you is going all hectic and crazy.
*Period 5 bell rings*
*You drop your books*
*You trip*
*You rupture your nuts*
Yourself: BAH!
*A neo-nazi beats you up*
Yourself: BAH!!
*Another bully punches your mangled face*
*You get shot randomly*
Your soul: BAH!!1111114o32nr3!
by hanes May 21, 2005
A BAH is an acronym for: Bitch Ass Hoe. This is a unisex term; it can be used for both men and woman, as well as animals/pets You never want to be this. Ever. It's worse than being a scumbag or pansy. Ironic as it seems, being a BAH actually has nothing to do with being a bitch, ass, or hoe.

A BAH wines and complains about nothing. He/she will often prolong a class or meeting by asking irrelivent questions. A BAH leaves crumbs everywhere after making and eating toast.

Don't be a BAH. It's worse than spreading lupis.
"Did this BAH just yawn in my face?"
by birdbearfrog January 21, 2014
Used by Homer Simpson when asked a question by Marge that he does not want to answer.
Marge: Homer! Did you eat that footlong after I threw it in the trash?

Homer: Bah
by motogp April 07, 2010