a bad vagina characterized by the following: loose, hairy, strong smelling traces of previous uses and cheese.
a person with similar characteristics
After reading the final Harry Potter book, I decided a much better title would have been "Harry Potter & The Bagina of Destruction," since Voldemort finally got the shit kicked out of him by the badass Harry Potter.
by Lip Hizzo September 27, 2007
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Seeing the vagina from the butt
While doing it doggie style Pete yells out, "NICE BAGINA"!
by Pete June 05, 2003
derived from word for the mysterious female sex organ, produces a great many more giggles than saying vagina

must be said with austrailian accent
BAJIONA! ha ha ha

whud ya luk it thut BAJIONA! hha haha ha
by dave suzuki November 23, 2004
How little kids pronounce 'vagina'.
Boys habba benis! Girls habba bagina!
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 28, 2003
a vagina, with excess baggage.
"man, she's such a bagina, always wet with sadness."
by seizureslater October 27, 2011
When a dog has been neutered and still has a small amount of leftover skin that is the shape of a vagina
I wish my dog Max would stop licking his bagina.
by Maximus Aximus March 25, 2012
the final product of medically transforming one's ballsack into a vagina. (noun)
to bagine (verb) the act of creating a bagina from one's ballsack
baginal (adjective) pertaining to one's bagina
I was bangin that hooker when I realized that she had a bagina!
by Alfuh Krue October 24, 2006
A "Bad Vagina". It Consists of Amazon Furs, Swamp Slops, Grizzly Teeth, Granny Sags. There is such a thing as a bad vagina.
guy 1:"Dude theres no such thing as a bad vagina! any vagina is good vagina!"
guy 2:"Yes there is, its called a bagina. Its a wet, sloppy, saggy, jungle hairy vagina. On odd occasions, it even has teeth."
Guy 1: "...Oh."
by Paddy O'Mally May 17, 2008

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