The pocket on the front part of your sweatshirt
The pocket on the front of my sweatshirt is called a bagina.
by Zalvin November 27, 2010
Womans vagina, pussy, or clitterus. TEEHEE MUDAFUCKA. We use the Bagina in case of mexicans. on prank calls.
Hey You, your bagina is showing in that dress!
by xxxDrDrakexxx November 25, 2010
A stretched-out or baggy vagina.
That girl is such a skank her bagina looks like a basset-hound.
by Reeko-suavay February 25, 2009
A bangble vagina.
Damn she had hell of a bagina.
by Meaguywhoisbored February 14, 2009
The act of stimulating both a breast, and the vagina at once. The easiest method to make a girl climax. results may vary; girls with large sized nipples and clitorisis have been cited ejaculating up to 30 feet while getting the BAGINA
Q: dude what did you do last night ?

A: i gave my girl the BAGINA and she LOVED it. afterward she fell asleep and she was still moaning !
by bibliodowingis January 14, 2009
When a woman is giving birth and her gooch rips connecting her vagina to her butthole. Thus resulting in a bagina.
Steve: Did you hear about Allison?

Adam: No, what happened?
Steve: Her gooch ripped when she had her child and now she has a bagina!
by TitsMaGits July 26, 2011
During that time of the month the vaginal region of the female acquires alot of the red stuff hence the word bloody vagina, bagina
Hell no I ain't fucking you, you have a BAGINA
by Raisin the Bar March 12, 2011

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