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The place between your thigh and butt.
I got a mosqito bite on my thut!
by Lor29 May 28, 2007
The upper thigh just beneath the fold of the buttox.
"Her thut was so loaded with cellulite it looked like cottage cheese packed into a condom"
by Jorden Durant May 05, 2010
A thut is an unfortunate condition where a the back of a woman's thigh and her butt have become a single entity. There is no sudden incline from the back of the thigh to the farthest part of the butt and it becomes more of a slope.

It's caused by a lack of glute muscles.
It's a treatable condition, it is generally cured by squats and other glute exercises.

You can figure out if you have a thut by putting a pencil between where your butt ends and your thigh begins. Stand straight and somewhat tighten your glute muscles. If the pencil falls you're safe. If it stays...I'm sad to inform you that you have a thut.
"She was wearing a bikini, and it would have looked good if she didn't have a major thut."
"I used to be so hot, until I got a thut."
"Look at her thut, she really needs to get off her ass"
by isjustwet June 21, 2014
when your butt blends into your thighs, or there is just no definition between your thighs and your butt, you have a thut (thigh-butt).

guy 1: "Damn, that girl's got no ass at ALL!"
guy 2: "Nope, she's got some thut action goin' on though..."
guy 1: "...ya nasty..."
by miss cherrie August 04, 2009
A military soldier come back from service. Derived: "Ten Hut."
That t-hut twitches in his sleep: watch yo' back.
by J mob November 26, 2005
Thut was discovered by Brian Williams is 2015 of April. It means when a girl is or boy is a Thot + A Slut. If someone calls you a Thot. Call them a Thut.
That bitch is a Thut.
I fucked her last night man she a Thut
by Thxts_Brixn April 17, 2015
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