The region of the vagina where you would store whipped cream
"Madison, im sure you would love to put some whipped cream in your bagina"
by dylantk February 09, 2008
1st: a word used to describe someone who is extremely annoying an unworthy of being a human being. noun.

2nd: a word used to describe somethin that is lame
Joe: God Billy is a fag.
James: i know. i just want to choke him
Andrew: Dont worry about that fag. He's just a bagina.
Billy: I smell like bagina too.
by krockknokin January 17, 2008
a fat persons vagina
wow, courtneys bagina is bleeding
by hora December 30, 2007
A male version of a vagina.
Can I touch your bagina?
by jememica November 08, 2007
The act of being a Big Vagina.
If someone is being a Rob in any way, they are now considered to be a Bagina.
by Kevin Burgerz April 13, 2008
the backside of yo knee foo!
you have a big sweaty, bagina, i can smell it from here.. seriously.

that guy has a hairy bagina.

She wore a mini skirt and everyone could see her bagina.

go clean your bagina, you douche.
by gerthen marpos February 28, 2008
like a vagina, only saggier.
i was licking out mandy last week, man it was messy, shes got a massive bagina.
by Sarah Canning February 07, 2008

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