During that time of the month the vaginal region of the female acquires alot of the red stuff hence the word bloody vagina, bagina
Hell no I ain't fucking you, you have a BAGINA
by Raisin the Bar March 12, 2011
Bagina is a noun used to describe a very sensitive area of the female body. It is the small, sometimes hairy, space between a girl's butt and her vagina.
Example: "My bagina hurts from riding bikes yesterday."

Example: "That wastoid was so hammered last night he kept poking me in the bagina!"
by Mich Light Mafia - STL October 24, 2010
the skin in between your thumb and pointer finger, the female equivelent of a wenis (elbow skin)
boy: how wide is your bagina?
girl: (seperates fingers) this wide
by Farmin April 14, 2008
The region from the clitoris extending down to the butt.
You have a nice bagina. I mean THE WHOLE BA-GINA
by WarKirby January 15, 2008
The result of fucking a girl so hard that you rip the skin between her anus and her vagina.
"i heard you fucked kelsey?"

"yeah man! i gave that bitch a bagina!"
by Newjack dawson March 02, 2008
the term invented by wissahickon choral nerds used to describe the space between the eyes that usually contains a pinchable nose bridge; a body part in the same category as 'wenis'(located at the tip of the elbow);an extremity of the body that expresses pain when in akward, frustrating or uncomfortable situations, not to be confused with the 'vagina'
The teacher pinched his bagina when none of his students answered his question.
"GAH!"she exclaimed, while pinching her bagina in utter frustration.
by a chick form the chorus room November 18, 2007
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