A "Bad Vagina". It Consists of Amazon Furs, Swamp Slops, Grizzly Teeth, Granny Sags. There is such a thing as a bad vagina.
guy 1:"Dude theres no such thing as a bad vagina! any vagina is good vagina!"
guy 2:"Yes there is, its called a bagina. Its a wet, sloppy, saggy, jungle hairy vagina. On odd occasions, it even has teeth."
Guy 1: "...Oh."
by Paddy O'Mally May 17, 2008
A tranny with a vagina is called a bagina... Like boy-gina...
Chris has a bagina!!!!
by Whose gonna get them coins February 02, 2011
No one knows what a bagina is, its the worlds greatest mystery.
Person 1: Dude what is a bagina?
Person 2: No one knows what a bagina is
by R0fln1nj4 April 19, 2009
The area in between your balls and inner thighs.
Damn my bagina is so itchy.
by Gmoney4160608 July 31, 2015
The crevice behind your ear where the back of the ear meets the head/neck skin.
1. She walked into the room wearing a beautiful blue dress, her green eyes glimmered in the moonlight as she tucked her curly black hair behind her bagina.
2. Gadzooks! My bagina got too much sun; do you have any aloe cream?
3. My brother used to box my ears, so I had to ice my swollen baginas.
4. Let's have a contest to see how many strangers' baginas we can lick. Don't worry it's a social experiment.
5. Your bagina is special. Know it, love it; you only have one. Except you have two.
by Lukewarm.Swag February 02, 2015
The space between a girls butthole and her vagina
"I ran my fingers from her pussy through her bagina to her butthole"

Nice bro.
by Daddy AJ November 11, 2011
The pocket on the bottom of a sweatshirt with two open ends: usually rests on the lower private part of the person wearing seid sweatshirt
Guy and girl on date:
girl: It's so cold, I wish I had a sweatshirt."
guy: "I's ok baby you can wear mine, but is it ok if i warm my hands in the bagina?"
girl: "Of course you can; my bagina is always open to you."
by Maximus the Conquerer August 29, 2011
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