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When a chick's really bad at giving head and gets her teeth in there, moving up and down on your tender member with her jaw slightly clenched.
"Raking? What's that? ..... AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
by theBigBubba January 24, 2007
The act of scraping the insides of a women's vagina in an attempt to perform manual stimulation, due to lack of knowlege regarding the clitoris, sex, or women in general. Popular amongst 13-16 year old males, commonly under the impression that they are causing you pleasure, as opposed to awkward and uncomfortable pain. May derive from a lack of beneficial sex education, a lack of experience, or a lack of intelligence.
"Is this good?"
"No mate, this is raking."
by UpTheBracket January 17, 2010
Raking, in sports means playing especially well.
He was raking in April with 10 home runs; now he's in a slump.
by erotica69 September 16, 2005
In LD (Lincoln-Douglas) Debate, Raking is the act of watching somebodies round in order to have their flow to either give away or sell
(the verb in question is actually very rarely done, but it happens)
Dylan: Dang it Mr. S I lost!
Mr. S: What happened dylan?
Dylan: Some kid was raking me during around withsomeone else and then he used the flow when we went against each other.
by WeekzDefines February 22, 2011
Asking friends, family or strangers for money, especially when you have already spent all your money on things like gambling, drinking and smoking.
She had no money left until Monday, so she had to go raking.
by faber101 October 06, 2011
Driving a vehicle in a furious manner - fierce acceleration, braking and cornering
He was rakin' that wee nova about the town
by SamfromUlster May 12, 2004
(v.) Raking is the act of scratching a partners face with your fingernails while you're receiving oral sex. Often, bleeding occurs.
Tim was pert and raked that bitch!
by FaggotryFaggerson February 09, 2004
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