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Generic swear word used in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, first seen in Wizard's First Rule. Mostly used by Zedd. We only know it's a swear word by context, e.g. other characters telling Zedd to watch his language.
"Bags, woman!" said Zedd. "Zedd, watch your language around the children" said Richard.
by WizardTim November 11, 2007
81 63
large hanging breasts
Man, did you see the bags on that bitch.
by TheBagMan June 08, 2005
73 58
Noun. relating to the car tuning scene.
a type of suspension system utilizing a type of airbag to keep the car suspended
"that bitch is sittin on bags"
by DJ FoxPhyre March 26, 2003
37 29
The absolute, complete opposite of U.F.G.

Bomb Ass Girl
Dude, fk ufgs. I'm only down for B.A.G.s right now.
by LiftedEric November 01, 2009
13 6
bags, in london, can refer to a grand (a thousand pounds).

so £1000 is 1 bag £5000 is 5 bags
Shane: Oi cuz how much u drop for that whip?
Memz: 16 bags fam!
by Memziii November 15, 2010
8 4
A shortened version of a "____bag" word such as douschebag or scumbag. The action of being a 'bag is known as baggery.
Wanda: That dude is a 'bag.
Ramone: I can't believe his level of baggery...it's epic.
by So CialCes Spool October 29, 2009
4 0
1) busted ass girlfriend.
2) and ungrateful girl that doesn't deserve the amazing boyfriend she posesses.
3) she is also very, very ugly compared to her boyfriend.
4) calls every girl in her boyfriends' phone and makes a complete idiot out of herself.
"who's that girl?"
"that's ralph's girlfriend!"
"oh, what a strag."
"yeah, she's a total B.A.G."
by sbeezybiiiitch December 20, 2009
4 1