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To lead a promiscuous and self-indulgent lifestyle. Less stylistically, to nail lots of women before you settle down.
Before Frank got married, he spent two years travelling the country sowing his oats. You should sow your oats before you get too old.
by SimpleMindedTed June 09, 2008
When a person has reached such a level of douchebaggery that they have surpassed tool, toolbag, and toolshed, they become an Ace Hardware.
Man, Frank used to be a toolbag, but now he's a freakin Ace Hardware.
by SimpleMindedTed March 06, 2005
A slang term for someone who can be correctly classified as a douche.
John acted like a real Massengill last night.
Even Gretchen thought he was a Massengill.
by SimpleMindedTed November 05, 2005
Round Metallic Object. RMOs are collectible coins used in drinking challenges by members of the armed forces and some civilian law enforcement and emergency services groups.

In initiating a challenge, one throws down their RMO. If all others present an RMO as well, the initiator buys drinks. If someone in the group does not present their RMO, they buy the drinks.
Capt. Shitdick threw his RMO on the one day I didn't have mine on me, so I ended up buying the whole squadron drinks.
by SimpleMindedTed June 09, 2008
Another term for a condom. Used frequently by comedian Jim Norton in his stand up act and on the Opie and Anthony show.
I nailed this hot chick last night. She didn't even make me wear a bag.
by SimpleMindedTed April 05, 2008

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