Bean-bag toss game. Also referred to as corn hole, but mostly by hilljacks.
We're throwing bags tonights at Nate's house.
by jwak June 26, 2009
Container for drugs; a package of drugs, usually marijuana or heroin; a person's favorite drug
by Lehem October 18, 2003
Your girlfriend/wife who is nothing more than an inanimate object. A girl with no feelings/no emotions/no purpose but to hold things. You put things in her.
"Hey Bag, how is dinner coming?"

"Hey bro, have you seen Baggie recently?" "No, did you check the liquor store?"
by Mrbag May 12, 2016
Acronym meaning "Black ass girls". A "b.a.g" is a ghetto black girl. B.a.g's are usually loud, annoying, black females who stand out in a crowd.
"Omg dude there's a freaking group of b.a.g's across the street."
by FlameKid676 May 23, 2010
A fun 4 player game played by normal people, especially in Illinois. Two opposing players on each side proceed to throw bean bags at an elevated board on the other side, where their partners are standing. One point is awarded for a bag tossed onto the board: three points are awarded if the bag goes into the hole at the top of the board. You play until one side reaches 21 points, or 11 if the opposing team has not scored a single point. Points are calculated at the end of each round, but the amount of points scored by your opponent also comes into affect with how many points you scored. If both opposing players have the same amount of points, no one gets any and the round is called a "wash". If one person gets four bags on the board and his opponent has two bags on and two bags in the hole, the opponent would have won that round 4-0, since his 8-4 score is subtracted down to 4-0. Bags is the proper name for this game, not "bean bags" or the random name that my college friends in Michigan call it, which doesn't make sense.
"Dude, we've won 13 games in a row at bags".

"Not now chief, I'm in the fucking zone. I'm playing a bags tourney and we haven't lost yet"
by Stark24 January 01, 2010
1) busted ass girlfriend.
2) and ungrateful girl that doesn't deserve the amazing boyfriend she posesses.
3) she is also very, very ugly compared to her boyfriend.
4) calls every girl in her boyfriends' phone and makes a complete idiot out of herself.
"who's that girl?"
"that's ralph's girlfriend!"
"oh, what a strag."
"yeah, she's a total B.A.G."
by sbeezybiiiitch December 20, 2009
A carrying utility that can be used to hold many different things. They come in paper or plastic. They are extremely useful and can be found at your local grocery.
You:Dude, I have so much shit to carry.

Me:Well why dont you have a bag!? They are very convenient when you have a lot of shit.
by Farooq June 10, 2005
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