A messy inadequate job.
He made a bags of doing it.
by Sista from anotha Mista July 25, 2005
short for Bad Ass Greek.
person 1:I saw Anna's Myspace pictures, she's such a greek bad ass!
person 2: No, She's a B.A.G.
by AshleyL August 29, 2006
An acronym for the term "Be A Good Sport", which is a Parody of the Word YOLO (Meaning "You Only Live Once"; Invented by Rapper Drake).

Invented by Rapper Conflict on his personal Facebook status on December 22nd, 2012.
(As Stated In Conflict's Status)

Use it in your conversations!! - "Ayo' can you BAGS and gimme a ride to work??"

Use it over your favorite meek millz instrumentals!! -

"I give her Heavy D! so she Brags about it!/

She hates givin' dome, but she BAGS About it!/"

Use it on your job Applications!! -

"Personal Skills? I like to BAGS....cuz YOLO tho"
by IOI Entertainment December 23, 2011
an appropriate way to say the word fag.
Bursie, you are such a bag!
by Mr. Stopbeing A. Heyg November 28, 2011
An ugly miserable old woman
yo momma is an old bag
by Anonymous August 03, 2003
A date that is definitely older than the concerned person. Usually used by guys when referring to older women, past 40ish. Commonly an insult for them.

The act itself of dating someone older than the person.
"You girlfriend is such a bag!" "I'm still dating her, but it turns out to be a total bag."
by Shadiac December 20, 2011
Slang word for £1000 ($1600).

Of London origin used commonly in gang communities or 'the ghetto'.
A London hooligan: "I copped two and a half bags last funtime. One bag of paper and one and a half in merch, you get me."

Translation: "I stole £2500 last weekend, £1000 in cash and £1500 in items of significant value such as laptops or phones, do you understand?"
by ErmmWhatToSay February 13, 2011

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