Badger: (verb)When a birdy goes out-of-bounds to the left in badminton, usually inside the fence.
H: Ack! Out-of-bounds.
J: Yeah, you really badgered it there.
by Myself5 April 13, 2008
Small furry, black and white, stripey, long pin toe nailed, snarly, sciffle footed, jelly tot licking, soldered nostril friend of a stoat.
'oi nige, that badgers licking my jelly tots!'
by ferret boy May 14, 2006
To cum in a line down the back (or from forehead to nose) of a black/asian girl to make them look like a Badger.
'I was getting bored of our sex life and decided to give her The Badger last night'.
by Paulo Le Donk August 08, 2006
NOUN \baj-er\

1. One who furnishes others with badges of merit.

badge (verb) To furnish or mark with a badge.
badge (noun) A special or distinctive mark, token, or device worn as a sign of allegiance, membership, authority, achievement, etc.


-er (suffix) Serving as the regular English formative of agent nouns, being attached to verbs of any origin. i.e. teacher
The boy scout was presented several awards by the badger.
by Daniel C. Sloat May 01, 2007
When you get a new chevy silverado and develop an unhealthy overprotective attachment to the vehicle. You start day dreaming random people trying to damage or steal your new hunk of a truck and refer yourself attacking the pedestrians like a badger would do so.
" If anybody touches my truck I'm gonna jump em' like a badger! .....Speakin' of badgers...I gotta take a shit!"
by sir_kim January 20, 2008
something that is good, or was forgotten then remembered, or is the one.

is often exclaimed!!

birmingham uk in origin, maybe elsewhere.
guy 1) where are we going again?
guy 2) the park
guy 1) that's the badger!

(this may mean it's a good park, 'i forgot we were going to the park' or got ya)

by Beat-shaman April 25, 2006
Slang word created by a late night/early morning taxi driver in reference to the female genetalia. Later used as a chant during Leeds Festival 2005 whenever an attractive female were to walk past the obscure campsite. Also used as a method of finding ones way through the sea of tents to locate the campsite at 2 in the morning.
(rather attractive woman walks past) "badger!"
(when lost and trying to locate friends back at campsite) "Badger?"
by Robj22 September 10, 2005

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