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Dirty old man- a dodgy old guy looking for a beautiful young lady (young enough to be his daughter) to take back to his lair and have his way with... a male version of the Canadian slang expression , "cougar".
Donald Trump

"Look out Marielle, that old man is a badger!" :s
by Siobhan and Shane May 22, 2006
chunky blonde highlights placed amongst darker hair giving the impression of stripes, by someone who foolishly believes they are 'cool' or 'trendy'
this type of female hairstyle is becoming increasingly rare - and seems to be heading for extinction... but when spotted, one should inform all of this glorious sighting by exclaiming 'Badger!'
by Prof Stretch March 31, 2006
Fun name used to refer to Ed Graham from The Darkness because of the white patch on his left eyebrow.
Badger badger badger ED!!
by R.Rocker October 22, 2006
when a vagina is so dirty and unclean that it is no longer considered a beaver. it is brown and YUCKY.

a slang term for a vagina that is overused

a skank hoes Koofie

derived from the latin term Browne Vadger
yo kats badger is so nasty that I think i saw an animal come out of the hole and skamper away.

Her badger is so stanky it smells like the great depression.
by FOOLPIE November 18, 2006
to finger ones asshole mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
dude you badgerd me so deep i need a shit
by badger boy 5-0 May 26, 2007
(n) a penis that is equally as long as it is wide.
That East German gentleman's badger was as unpleasant as a sugar-free enema. -- Melissar Bautistar
by d-cup September 10, 2006
An animal that live in a set that gets combined with a combine harvester in bristol it gets combined with a crab and has pinchers and walkes sideways doing the dance to thriller
Oh wow check that badger walkin sideways doin the thriller
by jessica davis March 03, 2006