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6.) A friendship doesn't form between two members of the opposite sex without one of them having feelings for the other at one point.

Describes the the common phenomenon regarding relationships between two members of the opposite sex. Proven true time after time, it has caused heartache of many men and women through the centuries. The abbreviation "Rule #6" comes from a list of advice posted online where this particular piece was 6th on said list.
"Carly has feelings for me, but we're best friends- I don't want to be anything more. I guess Rule #6 is striking again."

Person one: "Hey, where's Max?"
Person two: "I don't know, we're not everywhere together all the time."
Person one: "It seems like it, you better be careful before Rule #6 strikes him down."

by Kellzisalie January 27, 2009
When you take a nice picture with friends or family only to find upon closer inspection that someone has inserted themselves into the background of the picture.

This person usually has a completely creepy or ugly expression, and makes the would-be nice picture awkward and creepy.

Usually done as a prank or in good fun by friends to other friends.
1: Oh, are these your pictures from prom?
2: Yeah, look at this one, isn't it cute- Wait, who's that!?
1: Hahahahaha, Josh Picture Raped you!
2: Ugh! This was a really nice one, too!
by Kellzisalie February 27, 2009
To flip someone off, also known as "the bird" or "the middle finger". Badger is the act of flipping someone off, in place of "I stuck up my middle finger" or "I gave him the bird", the verb "badger" is used.

Used to imitate the angry temperament of the animal of the same name.
"I got badgered on the highway when I accidentally cut this guy off- totally uncalled for!"

"Who's bugging you? Just badger him next time- that'll shut him up."
by Kellzisalie December 14, 2008
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