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28 definitions by ihatebuffering

A large, older van, typically brown or white in color, and often with tinted front windows and no windows in the back. Not all pedophile vans are used for the purpose of luring young children to kidnap with promises of candy or toys, but if somebody were to decide they wanted to do this, a pedophile van would be the perfect vehicle.
My friend just bought a total pedophile van. Either he is a rapist or has very poor choices in vehicles.
by ihatebuffering March 06, 2011
Anybody who works for BP or Exxon.
Tony Heyward is a pelican fucker and owes an infinite debt to society.
by ihatebuffering March 05, 2011
The legs of a woman that have various noticible dimples due to the amount of cellulite.
That fat girl needs a different prom dress. Her cottage cheese legs are showing.
by ihatebuffering March 06, 2011
The act of, while wearing boxers, pulling up your flaccid penis so that only the head is sticking out, being held against your abdomen by the waistband of your boxers.
I did The Mongoose in the locker room today before football practice. My friends all shared in horrified laughter
by ihatebuffering January 19, 2011
The act of criticizing or reprimanding an action, while at the very same time performing the same action. (As noted by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show)
Sarah Palin, in an interview with Sean Hannity, criticized those on the left for placing blame on her demeanor for influencing the Tucson shooter, then in the same interview described the shooter as "left-leaning." This is a textbook anchorage steamer
by ihatebuffering January 19, 2011
I Hate My Girlfriend Syndrome. Suffered by thousands of men around the world who are trapped in relationships with annoying, bitchy, and/or clingy girlfriends. Awareness for IHMGS has been attempted to be raised by those who suffer from it, but their girlfriends made them go shopping with them.
Tom: My girlfriend has texted me fifteen times this past hour. I can't stand it.
Rick: Sounds like you got a case of IHMGS, buddy.
by ihatebuffering March 07, 2011
A thin, weak, fine collection of hairs on the upper lip that is noticible but not technically thick enough to be considered a real moustache. They are usually found on pubescent boys aged 13 to 16 whose moms won't buy them razors.
Mom i know i'm only 14, but i seriously need a razor. I have a poopstache, for christ's sake!
by ihatebuffering March 06, 2011