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adj. an 80's era expression meaning something good
syn. awesome, great, wicked
That pizza was totally bad out!
by Katipo November 03, 2006
fucked up on drugs or alcohol
im wearing these sunglasses cuz im badout. shit.
by elizh July 14, 2005
"Bad Out" is a phrase simply meaning interesting, fascinating, amusing or exceptional.

Bad Out is grammatically incorrect and considered slang similar to: cool, groovy, or any urban saying.

Bad Out was coined by Ellis Benus in 2009 while working with Y107 (106.9) of Zimmer Radio Group in Columbia, Missouri.

Mr. Benus preferred a phrase similar to Bad Ass, but wanted something which lacked profanity.

Cosmo & JC of Y107's morning show started using the phrase on the air. The phrase has caught on over time and has now been heard nearly coast-to-coast.
Dude, that car is so Bad Out!

You're kidding me! That's Bad Out!
by byzantinex March 15, 2011