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Describes any contiguous amount of human excrement (generally in a coherent cable form) that may be partially submerged but surfaces on opposite sides of the bowl, touching dry porcelain on each end.
"Dude, my dude, just went coast-to-coast. Check it out."
by Zor Prime December 01, 2003
A basketball move in which one player passes the ball from one side of the court to the other widthwise. You must yell "Coast to coast!" before initiating the move.
Basketball Player 1 dribbles up the ball.
Basketball Player 2: Coast to coast!
Basketball Player 1 coast to coasts the ball to Basketball Player 2.
Basketball Player 2 dunks the ball for the win.
by SkllzMstrX December 23, 2011
A move in basketball when a player gets the rebound, and then dribbles down the court and makes a shot at the other end.
Magic Johnson went coast to coast on that play!
by kint_the_man December 26, 2013
A school or work day that lasts 12 hours.
"What's with all the energy drinks?"
"I'm going coast to coast today at work."
by PrincessJetta April 23, 2009
Riding public transportation to the end of the line, getting kicked off, wait for the next bus/train/tram to come, get on then ride to the end of the line again and repeat.

This usually occurs when you are drunk and keep falling asleep and missing your stop. Also comes in handy when you don't have a place to sleep.
Craig: Did you hook up with that skeeve last night? You never came home.

Phil: No. We went clubbing then she didn't invite me back to her place. I just went coast-to-coast about 5 times.
by Harold Ramis February 07, 2010
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